Feb 072010

Since I’m going to make TA Photographic a “going concern”, then marketing the site is pretty important.  Ergo, I’m doing all the latest “in” things for helping build hype around TAPhotographic.

So, what has this entailed?  (It’s good to capture this for keeping track of the effort involved, and future effectiveness)

1. Creating an account (& annual payment) for Dotster, my domain name manager;

2. Creating an account (& monthly payment) for LiquidWeb, who hosts TAPhotographic.com;

3. Writing & testing a lot of HTML, CSS, mySQL, Javascript and PHP code;

4. Installing and heavily customizing Tomato Gallery (http://tomatogallery.yzx.se);

5. Getting a commercial back-end account (payment per transaction) at instaproofs.com

6. Signing up for WordPress.org, so I could create this blog;

7. Adding a business page to my personal Facebook account;

8. Creating a Twitter account (linked in to my Facebook account);

9. Creating a Flickr Account (for pushing photographs in their community); and

10. Creating a Google Feedburner account (for formatting, tracking, and promoting the RSS feed of this blog).

All this work, without taking a single new picture!  I guess that’s one of the differences between a hobby and a business – a business needs to attract customers and to process and store their cash!

Next up on the web front:  Getting the “Portfolio” link up above done.  Of course, this involves getting the rights to use some peoples’ pictures…  while it is yet more non-photographic work, that’s what you have to do to stay out of legal problems!

Second on the web front:  try to optimize the speed of this website and gallery systems.  It can get a bit pokey here at times….

Next up on the business front:  Accounting.  I need to get QuickBooks (or equivalent) up and running, and tied in as much as possible to instaproofs, so my accounting is rock solid.

Second on the business front:  Getting a sales tax license from the great (bankrupt) State of California, so I can actually start accepting payments.

I’ll whip this place into a profit one way or another!

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