Feb 072010

(Good grief – I don’t even know how to “normally” get in to my own blog page…. oh brother.)

Well, after a lot of work, I have my client event gallery / purchasing system up and running and ready for testing.   It is based on “Tomato Gallery” (http://tomatogallery.yzx.se),  but with many modifications.  (Thank God for open source….)

Most importantly, Tomato Gallery was originally stripping off color profile data from the pictures, making them appear all washed out.  So, I ripped out any picture manipulating code based on the old “GD” image processing system, and wrote new code based on the more modern “Image Magick”.  IM will retain metadata in pictures, making it much better for color fidelity and GPS coordinate embedding, among other things.

I also added a way of linking from a gallery to my “instaproofs” commercial sales site.  Right now, since I don’t have a sales tax license, everything is “free” or “at costs”, but soon I want to start generating revenue.

My other change to Tomato Gallery was to make it impossible to see more than one photo album at a time.  This way, different events – and hence different clients – will all stand alone, ensuring privacy.

The one bug I see so far is that when put into “full window slideshow mode”, there can be performance problems that manifest in terms of image quality.  I need to get to work on that soon.

So, that’s where the gallery system stands – lots of accomplishments, but the system needs a LOT of testing.  And along with this is learning how to best run the instaproofs sales site, a project in and of itself.

Time to hit the hay – I didn’t know a single thing about “GD” and “Image Magick” before tonight, and I just did major surgery on my site using both – I’m whipped!

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